See what satisfied customers have to say about Drivers Choice Traffic School. These testimonials are from both our internet course and in class room traffic school courses.

From J.M. of Murrieta:

Keep up the good work my friend, the program was much more academic than expected, ergo impactful review and learning!

From J.C. of Canyon Lake:

I wanted to extend a very special thank you for taking the time to teach traffic school. I was angry, disappointed, unhappy with the experience of receiving a ticket but you made clear the need for safe driving throughout your class. You gave specific examples of how maneuvers can keep on within the safety net even in unusual situations.

You very carefully chose not to demean or berate anyone for the ticketed offense and treated us as responsible adult drivers.

Frequently, when driving or riding, class comments or events come into focus, reminding me to drive more carefully. the best recommendation for me is keeping eyes moving around not only in front but sides and of course, rear. Choosing less distraction with quieter music has been effective.

Your class and the information you provided was a strong reminder for me at 68 to be a better driver and I would recommend your class to all drivers over 65. It is easy to continue driving the way we learned with the habits we acquire with experience, but you set the class agenda for us to easily and sincerely move to a stronger level of purposeful attentive motoring.

Thank you for gifting us your time, talent and experience.

Warm regards,

Janie C.

From S.B. of Corona:

Instructor knew the material - have information to bring up when my husband doesn't leave enough space between him and vehicle ahead!

From J.B of Hemet:

It was very informative. I am aware of how important it is to be a respectful driver and follow all the rules.

From B.B. of Menifee

All the information was presented in a well organized, professional manner. I enjoyed the entire course. Incredible knowledge, no more citations!

From J.G. of Murrieta:

Very comprehensive and interactive. More aware and knowledgeable plus visual reality of fatal accidents. It was very well presented.

From R.L. of Lake Elsinore:

The thoroughness of the presentation. Remembering relevant issues in the presentation to citations and collisions. Nothing to improve. Just keep it the way it is. It's very good.

From P.B. of Lake Elsinore:

He explained everything and answered all questions. Has a sense of humor. Very good and through teacher.

From E.M. of Murrieta:

The information was up to date, the instructor very knowledgeable. Very good info that will be used and applied.

From O.L. of Menifee:

The combination of lecture with videos and dvs on traffic regulations helped me to renew my understanding on how to drive effectively. Excellent lecturer, Eric! It has been very helpful.

From J.M. of Lake Elsinore:

It was a good reminder about the basics on defensive driving, driving under the influence, rules, road conditions and basic driving laws. Reminded me to slow down, take my time and be a defensive driver.