Going to traffic school can keep a violation point off your driving record which will save you money on your automobile insurance rates. When a person pleas guilty or is convicted of a traffic violation violation and does not go to traffic school, the violation point will be on their Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driving record for three years.

When your automobile insurance comes up for renewal, your insurance company will check your driving record.  Your driving record will have a direct impact on your automobile insurance rates.  If you have one (1) point on your driving record you can lose the good driver discount and your automobile insurance rates can increase from 10% to 20% on top of any violation surcharge for three years.  If you get another traffic citation or have an at-fault collision within that three year period, your automobile insurance rates can increase another 20%.  One insurance company representative I talked to stated the rates will increase 60%.  That can be substantial.

You must obtain permission from the court to attend traffic school for an eligible traffic offence.  If you have a non-commercial driver's license and after completing the traffic school course, a confidential conviction will be recorded on your driving record.  You will not receive a point on your driving record and the record will be "masked".  Which means the record is not available to anyone except the court, law enforcement or the DMV. Your insurance company will not see the record.  What they see is a clean driving record.

A person can go to traffic school once every eighteen (18) months from the dates of the citations. If you agree to go to traffic school, you will have to pay the fine, a court administrative traffic school fee and a fee to the traffic school. Once you have completed the traffic school course, the traffic school will notify the DMV and the court of your satisfactory completion of the course. Make sure to follow up with the court and confirm that the record shows you attended traffic school and the citation has been recorded as "masked".

Most insurance companies encourage their clients to attend traffic school not only because drivers get a refresher in traffic laws and defensive driving, but they will keep their good driver discount.  If you have doubts about going to traffic school, contact your insurance agent and discuss your policy and the pros and cons of attending traffic school.  Then call DRIVERS CHOICE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (DMV Lic. #1783) at 951-246-2288.  We can register you for a class or you can take our internet course by clicking here.

Thanks and Safe Driving